Wednesday, 23 April 2014

‘The Promise’ by Chital Mehta

Author: Chital Mehta
Pages: 220
Price: Rs. 125.00
‘The Promise’ by Chital Mehta is the narration of a male protagonist penned by a female writer. It gets deceptive when one reads the story written that way and in fact it gets funnier when the character shoots his sarcasm upon females and their characteristics.
A story of love and relations that revolve around Commitment and fidelity, four friends of which one manages to get the love of his life where another one is devoid of it falling out of a long relationship, Author Chital Mehta has tried her best to bring out the subtle aspects of life in metro city Bangalore. Unlike few other Novels it offers simple language which although happens to be syntactically funny at times. The plot is what makes the story stand out. It is not another college story, no IIT or IIM guy fiddling with his life in every other pages and in fact it is an attempt by a fairer sex to carve out a story of life as seen through the eyes of a male protagonist. It must have been a hard endeavour, we agree. It gives an insight about how girls think, which the 21st century guys are craving for.
‘The Promise’ By Chital Mehta is a delight when it comes to bringing out the special bonds of friends and it’s even better to see how profound is the attachment between the family members when the protagonist Ajay returns back to his house after being a rebel since his dad scolded him. The story draws the conclusion that if one is true to his mind, there is always a way out that comes to one’s rescue to help him get his love by his side. Rajat, Prem, Ajay, Sid – you will be able to relate yourself to any of the four characters. With a twist of a love triangle yet sacrifice ‘The Promise’ receives an unconventional touch.
Overall Rating: 4/5


     These are few economical ways to promote your book. Remember, you can always sell a bad book with good marketing techniques, but the fact is that the readers will lose trust in you. So, beware. 

 1. Front and Back Cover – An average potential reader spends around 7 Seconds looking at the front cover of the book and then if they like your front cover they will spend around 13 Seconds browsing your back cover, and then they decide whether to invest their time, money and energy in reading your book. So, make sure you have a wonderful front and back cover. 

2.  Bribe your readers, before they buy it – Your first two or three chapters should be available for the readers in e-commerce websites for free, then let them decide whether they will buy it or not. When you buy a car, you test-drive it, right? Same theory applies for a book.  Your readers will get the taste and feel of the book.

3.  Offer Signed Copies of Books – If you offer signed copies of your books, even if you are a debutant, if can create some demand.

4.  Visit your Alma-mater - Your University, college or even high school can be a great resource... You can even offer to do a presentation for faculty or the students and talk to your teachers about your book.

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Durjoy Datta has been the most loved romantic author in India. Fans, mostly girls, thronged for his autographs and click selfie`s with him

Here is an exclusive Interview of Durjoy Datta. 

Q.1. Recently, authors from other genres like Ravi Subramanian, Amish and Ashwin Sanghi are become very popular among Indian readers. So, do you think this will demean the popularity of romantic books?

Durjoy Datta: - I don`t think so. It`s just that other authors have started creating their own niche`s as well. Previously no one used to read corporate thrillers or mythological books. It`s not that they are eating into each other`s profile. They have their own audience.
Q.2. Have you read the books by Ravi Subramanian and Amish?

Durjoy Datta: - Yes, I have read first two books of Ravi and the first of part of the trilogy of Amish and they are good writers.

Q.3. Nowadays, ever other author is penning down his/her love stories and 95% of them are a piece of crap. So, what are your views about those book.

Durjoy Datta : - It depends which side I am in.  

Q.4. We have seen you writing Veera and Sadda Haq. So, are you moving from books to serials?

Durjoy Datta: - No, I am not. Books is something I will be doing for rest of my life. I write serials because I thought it would be fun and it is fun and that`s why I do it.

Q.5. Will you keep writing for serials?

Durjoy Datta : - I might, I might not. Right now, it`s fun so I am doing it. If it`s not fun, I will stop writing.

Q. 6. How has been the experience writing for Sadda Haq?

Durjoy Datta : -Sadda Haq has been an entirely new field. They are an entirely different medium. Like, you write a book and you get a response and here the thing is you are being judged every week. Every Thursday, people are reacting and you have to change the story, according to that.

Q. 7 So, what do you think is better?

Durjoy Datta: - Of course, books.

Q. 8. You have worked with Sumrit Shahi in Sadda Haq and with Nikita Singh for your books. So, how easy as well as difficult it is to work with a co-author for a project?

Durjoy Datta: - Previously, it used to be easier. No, I cannot write books with a co-author. For television, it`s different. It`s good that you are working with someone before it gets short and goes on television. Television is a lot more expensive medium than books.

Q. 9. You co-author Nikita Singh has penned some books. So, what are your views on her?

Durjoy Datta: - She is a good writer and that`s why I had started writing with her.

Q. 10. What is your message for our readers?

Durjoy Datta: - I think you should start reading a lot even if is just newspaper, you should just read otherwise the country is going to the dogs, so reading is very important in life.