Friday, 19 December 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Who Breaks a Butterfly upon a Wheel? by Harish S Guru & Priyadharshini V

The story is well-broiler and pleasantly baked.In my assessment 

It's gripping and a super quick paced book that influences you to turn pages so quick that you understand on 

how the writer intended to compose this story-one of his companion's mom had kicked the bucket in a street mischance, A smashed person in an auto hit her visible to everyone with several people viewing. Not one individual called the ambulance.The police men, who went to the spot, took a thousand rupees from the person and left him. 

when they took her to the healing center, they passed on 

The creator trusts that the police are on a par with hoodlums and he is correct.This nation needs a superior class of crooks so the police compel gets a few teeth. 

We have to thrash the old framework Get and Join hands and think like an Indian. 

Let's make this Nation great...Jain Hind! 

As a presentation novel , creators have done a great job !!

OVERALL RATING:- 4.5/5  stars