Sunday, 22 January 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Control- The Treacherous moon by Tushar Janjalkar

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
The book belongs to suspense and thriller category.
A newly married couple George and Salina. was lying on the floor in Goa , blood spread all over.
George was a neurologist. There was terror written all over his face. 
The caretaker of the house was still surprised  and shocked,who did this ?

Police Detective John, was a thirty-year-old, dynamic officer, famous in the whole department for his brave accomplishments. His good looks, well-toned body and his dynamic personality were noticeable to anyone in the very first meeting.

Dr. Richard along with  Dr. Disha & other members invented a device that device was missing . What would be the motive behind stealing this device and information?
But unfortunately Dr. Richard fell into a coma after that accident and the doctors don't have any surety about when he will regain his consciousness.

The case took a new turn .
Dr. Richard‟s accident, then, the theft of that device, and then, George‟s murder. Expressions of sympathy, sorrow, fear, anger and confusion were there on their face The investigations are still going on.

Will Detective John be able to solve the case? Will Disha and John succeed in their journeys?
The plot is awesome and rich and full mystery, suspense, and twists and turns but It wasn’t something you’ve never heard of or something you cannot guess. 
The story is engaging. It will surely keep the readers hooked on to the book. The writing style is simple and holds your attention.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

BOOK REVIEW: No Matter What I Do... by Devanshi Sharma

Received the book from the author in exchange for honest review.
The title of the book is apt,which suites according to the story.
 The cover also determines the story to a little.
The story revolves around the 4 friends.
The description on all the characters are given in the blurb itself.
The blurb clearly tells about the story,so i found it easy to read.
I found this book really interesting.
Each character is sketched very well.The writing style is very impressive that adds to the beauty of the book.
It was a simple love story, perfect for youngsters, couples , to gift to your someone special.

Love at first sight is exciting ,take the case of Kabir ,he was attracted to Suhani since the very first day when he saw her .
Amaira's life was running through the terrain of happy lands .She has good friends like Rajbir and Trisha .She liked eating ,tasting new food item , giving away treats.
The major part of the book story is set in 2 places - Bhopal and Delhi,ncr.
Delhi as you all know is dil walo ki dilli .
There's a feeling in the air- and its called love.
The quotes mentioned in the story in between are add to boon .

Overall i will rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Devanshi Sharma is a twenty-one-year-old dreamer from the city of food, Indore and strongly believes in hope. An alumnus of Miranda House, Delhi University, Devanshi has always been a chatterbox. She enjoys talking and that has won her many debates. A person who sticks to her principles, she takes inspiration from her parents. Her family is her lifeline. Apart from writing, she enjoys dancing and eating. This is her third novel.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Think with Me by 'Saharasri' Subrata Roy Sahara

BOOK REVIEW:-  The book covers 5 different topics such as - 
  • Electoral system & Leadership
  • Population
  • Education system
  • Media
  • Religion
It was a short read , finished reading it during a one go .
The book focus on why India didnt made much progress after freedom as it was expected or it should be.
There is little doubt that India has created speedy progress and achieved prosperity too, nevertheless the goals that we have a tendency to set for ourselves area unit still unrealised or underachieved.

What kind of leadership is going on these days?
Rapid growth of population is that the biggest problems with our country. impoverishment rates that area unit already high can increase with this population and drag the economic process rate of the country.

Communal riots and racism is additionally a haul .
Owning to to the happy-go-lucky perspective of individuals is clogging the expansion of our country and is additionally inflicting downside .
I will rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. A Must Read .