Thursday, 15 June 2017

BOOK REVIEW: I am still beautiful by Divya R Bandodkar

“You are not perfect.”

“You are not a complete lady.”

“You are damaged.”

“I cannot marry an imperfect person like you.”

These sentences said by him echoed in her ears. She felt the rush of emotions all over again.

“Why was there a need to tell him? Couldn’t you keep quiet for some days or at least until engagement ceremony? Can’t you see how much disturbed your father and me are? How much pain do you want us to suffer from?" Her mother shouted.

Why did he say it to her? What did she tell him? Why is her mother shouting at her?

Meet Payal, a girl in her twenties hoping to find love. Will she ever find it?

The cover of the book is simple. One girl lying on bed.

The story revolves around the protagonist Payal.
Her mother keep asking her to get married, its her age.
Payal is sick and tired of hearing what people used to say about her.

Once she meets her doctor and had her tests done,which revealed the discovery of few cancer cells.All she was shattered after hearing this.Even Raj didn't supported her. Payal was hurt and tensed. She knew that her relationship with Raj had ended.
She was supported by her parents ,She recovers from this disease and now She stood strong and happy in life.

Then comes Anish in her life, She falls in love once again . Payal felt like she had been reborn.
But Anish also left her after Payal told him about everything that happened her in the past. 

I absolutely loved the ending part of the story.

The book opens up new dimensions . How you looks into your life?
The beauty lies in the inner self. So it all depends on you how you look into your life.
I will rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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